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What are Compound Components in React?


A compound component is a type of component that manages the internal state of a feature while delegating control of the rendering to the place of implementation opposed to the point of declaration. They provide a way to shield feature specific logic from the rest of the app providing a clean and expressive API for consuming the component.

Internally they are built to operate on a set of data that is passed in through children instead of props. Behind the scenes they make use of React's lower level API such as, and React.cloneElement(). Using these methods, the component is able to express itself in such a way that promotes patterns of composition and extensibility.


function App() {
  return (
        Actions <span aria-hidden>▾</span>
        <MenuItem onSelect={() => alert('Download')}>Download</MenuItem>
        <MenuItem onSelect={() => alert('Copy')}>Create a Copy</MenuItem>
        <MenuItem onSelect={() => alert('Delete')}>Delete</MenuItem>

In this example, the <Menu> establishes some shared implicit state. The <MenuButton>, <MenuList>, and <MenuItem> components each access and/or manipulate that state, and it's all done implicitly. This allows you to have the expressive API you're looking for.

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