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What are template literals in ECMAScript 6?


Template literals help make it simple to do string interpolation, or to include variables in a string.

const person = { name: 'Tyler', age: 28 };

console.log(`Hi, my name is ${} and I am ${person.age} years old!`);
// 'Hi, my name is Tyler and I am 28 years old!'

Template literals, however, preserve whatever spacing you add to them. For example, to create that same multi-line output that we created above, you can simply do:

console.log(`This is line one.
This is line two.`);
// This is line one.
// This is line two.

Another use case of template literals would be to use as a substitute for templating libraries for simple variable interpolations:

const person = { name: 'Tyler', age: 28 };

document.body.innerHTML = `
    <p>Name: ${}</p>
    <p>Name: ${person.age}</p>

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