CSS interview question

What is the use of CSS ruleset?


CSS is a rule or set of rules that describe the formatting (change of appearance) of individual elements on a web page. The rule consists of two parts: the selector and the next declaration block. The image below shows the structure (syntax) of the rule:

div {
  color: blue;
  text-align: justify;
CSS Rule
  • The first is always the selector, it tells the browser which element or elements of the web page will be styled.
  • Next is the declaration block, which begins with the opening curly brace { and ends with the closing }, between the curly braces are specified formatting commands (declarations), which are used by the browser to stylize the selected selector element.
  • Each declaration consists of two parts: the property and its value. The declaration must always end with a semicolon (;). You can omit the ; only at the end of the last declaration before the closing curly brace.
  • A property is a formatting command that defines a specific style effect for an element. Each property has its own predefined set of values. After the property name, a colon is specified, which separates the property name from the valid value.

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